Beautiful Not Broken

Three survivors of domestic shared their stories of how Helpmate has impacted their new lives.

Please be advised that this story includes an actual account of violence experienced by survivors, small children and babies.

Katherine's Story

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Kam's Story

My abuser left us alone for weeks at a time, and I was hopeful that he would stay away, but he left a voicemail telling me he would be in my apartment waiting on me. One night, I woke up to the sound of glass shattering. My daughter woke up and was crying. When I saw his hand coming through a broken window to unlock the front door, I began banging on the wall hoping my neighbor would call 911.I ran down the steps yelling, “Please don’t do this!” He went straight for a knife in the kitchen. My neighbor ran over in time to see my abuser swinging the knife at me. Our daughter was screaming, “No, Daddy!” and we could hear police sirens. He knew he was outnumbered, so he dropped the knife and ran. Helpmate saved our lives nineteen years ago after the police took us to the Helpmate shelter. I completed an eighteen month program through Helpmate that allowed me to work, go back to school, and save money. I was able to get my power back.

Joy's Story

In 2010, I got pregnant again with a son. It wasn’t until he threatened my baby with a knife that I finally decided to leave because I had someone other than myself to protect. I called my sister and mother and finally told them everything. They stayed on the phone with me the whole drive to my sister’s house. I felt as though he was going to come after me and kill me.

It took me many years and lots of therapy to finally feel ready to give support to someone else. I had always known that supporting other survivors was what I needed to do because no one was there to save me and that feeling was lonely, overwhelming, depressing, and real. I have chosen to work with Helpmate because I am ready to help a survivor get that “saved,” feeling I never got and get to their happily ever after like I was able to get.

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