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To help make your diamond purchase a little easier we have a three tier selection of loose diamond collections: Legacy, Harmony and Spark. At Spicer Greene and Diamond Bar, we realize that grading systems can be very confusing, so we created these collections to make it easier for you. Our collections are based on rarity and beauty. Our diamond buyers reject 9 out of 10 stones. These are the value parameters:


The very finest diamond. These diamonds have very strict cut parameters and are incomparable.

EXEXEX or AGS 000 Cut

D-H Color

IF-SI1 Clarity


The best blend of price, quality, and size.


D-J Color

IF-SI2 Clarity


The biggest diamond for your money.


D-M Color

IF-I1 Clarity

Assorted loose stone diamonds

Diamond Bar

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importance of the four C’s

While the diamond’s incomparable strength has made it the symbol of undying love, it is the diamond’s shimmering brilliance that has made it the most prized of all gems. Whether you are purchasing your first diamond or have purchased diamond jewelry before, Spicer Greene Jewelers is here to help you make an informed and confident decision. We are here to explain the importance of the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight and to help you find the piece that exemplifies your love.

Diamond 101


Check out Our Video on Diamond Cut

Diamonds 101


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Diamonds 101


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Diamonds 101

Carat Weight

check out our video on carat weight

Diamonds 101

Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamond Grading Reports

Watch our video on grading laboratories

Diamond Price Assurance

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Rapaport Price List

The Rapaport Diamond Price list is NOT A WHOLESALE PRICE LIST for diamonds. It is an industry tool which is published every month to give a baseline price for dealers to trade well below. 99.9% of the diamonds in the market today trade at a wholesale price far below the Rapaport price. Many retail jewelers falsify this and tell you this is the absolute wholesale price. This is an unethical practice and not what we do at Spicer Greene Jewelers. We price our diamonds very competitively using our proprietary pricing tool, which places all of the information into your hands as the customer.

Ethical Diamond Practices

At Spicer Greene Jewelers, we can confidently say that our diamonds come from conflict free sources because we work directly with the diamond cutters and do not work through middle men. Additionally, of our diamonds have been vetted in an industry wide process known as the Kimberly process.

The Kimberley process is an international system established in 2003 to monitor the trade of rough diamonds. Spearheaded by the UN, this process requires all diamond shipments crossing international boarders be sent in a tamper resistant container with government validated certificate. All certificates are resistant to forgery and uniquely numbered to match each shipment.

Spicer Greene Jewelers’ Guarantees and Warranties

Lifetime Preferred Jewelers Warranty

Spicer Greene Jewelers is a proud member of Preferred Jewelers International. As a PJI jeweler, we offer free of charge with any engagement ring purchase the Preferred Jewelers Lifetime Warranty, which covers maintenance including; sizing, melee stone replacement, cleaning, re-tipping and much more.

Financing Options

Spicer Greene Jewelers offers special financing options with approved credit through Synchrony financial. Ask your sales associate about the terms conditions and how to apply.

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The diamond ecosystem

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The fun, easy and transparent way to buy, trade and sell diamonds.

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