Gemstones 101

Gemstones come in every color imaginable and their beauty can be breathtaking. Gathered from every corner of the world, each gemstone has a deep history and wonder. Sought by royalty through the ages, colored stones have meanings deeper than just their hue. Spicer Greene is proud to carry the widest selection of colored gemstones in the southeast. We specialize in fine quality gemstones from Alexandrite to zircon. Come let one of our jewelry professionals guide you through our selection!

Birthstones are precious stones that represent each month of the year. People wear their birthstones as a declaration of the month in which they celebrate their birthday, to represent the births of the people they love, or simply as a symbol of good luck or whimsy. The origin of stones having representational meaning is an ancient global concept, and historians believe the first written record of their use comes from the Old Testament of the Bible. Birthstones have evolved over time to the modern list of stones we use today, which has been in place since 1912.

Official Birthstones

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January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl

Alternatives: Moonstone or Alexandrite

July – Ruby

August – Peridot

Alternatives: Spinel or Sardonyx

September – Sapphire

October – Tourmaline

Alternative: Opal

November – Citrine

Alternative: Topaz

December – Tanzanite

Alternatives: Blue Zircon or Turquoise