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Jewelry can help you celebrate a moment, stand for a promise, or become an heirloom handed down to future generations. These treasures mean a lot to you. That's why since we began in 1926, service has always been at the heart of what we do. We can help you craft that perfect piece, repair a beloved item, finance your dream ring, and more.     

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From our customers


I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Spicer Green Jewelers! They not only completed the work on my jewelry in record time, finishing about a week ahead of schedule, but they also offered prices that blew the big chain jewelers out of the water. Their convenient downtown parking made my visit stress-free, and stepping inside their store felt like entering a jewelry oasis. The interior is lovely, and the luxurious refreshments were a delightful touch. What truly sets Spicer Green apart, though, is their wonderful team of personable and friendly professionals. I couldn't have asked for a better experience – they've won a customer for life!

Vanessa Hand

Spicer Greene has done two wonderful jobs for us; First they resized my wife's wedding ring so that it now fits her perfectly. Second, they knew where and how to get an antique wrist watch repaired. The watch has sentimental value to me because my father gave it to me for my high school graduation present some 60 years ago. It quit running some time ago and so I asked them if they could get it fixed. It came back today and looks and runs like it was new. Thanks so much. I highly recommend Spicer Green for any thing to do with your jewelry.

Gary Leive