Assorted diamond engagement rings

Engagement 101

For centuries, the diamond engagement ring has been used to signify the promise of marriage. Today, the tradition continues.

When shopping for engagement rings, there are many things to consider: styles, stones, metals, and a budget – just to name a few. Here’s a crash course to get you started.

Types of Engagement Rings


This classic style feature one diamond with at least 4 prongs. Since 1886, this has been a popular style. Any shape stone can be set in a solitaire mounting. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular and are typically set in 4 or 6 prong mountings..


Another classic design, three stone rings have been used as engagement rings to represent the past, the present and the future. These rings feature one stone in the center with smaller stones on either side.


This popular design has row(s) of diamonds that surround a center stone.

Engagement Ring Styles




Engagement Ring Settings


Prongs are “claws” that hold stones in place. They are bent over stones to secure the stones tightly. Prongs are the most traditional style for solitaire rings.


A bezel is a solid piece of metal that hugs the stone in place. It is a durable setting style and has a more modern and contemporary look.

Side Stone Settings

Bead in Channel

Shared Open Basket

Shared Closed Basket



Half Channel

Other things to Consider

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