Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for 2018

Whether you're celebrating your first or fortieth Valentine's Day with your significant other, you're probably looking for ways to make this year memorable.

We've got 5 gift ideas for the special woman in your life.

1.) Diamond Studs and Pendants


As wardrobe staples, these classic pieces make a great gift for any celebration! Our experience at Spicer Greene is that women will wear these diamond basics for years on end. Wouldn't it be nice to see a reminder of this Valentine's Day every single day?

These items are also easy to upgrade. Turn her half carat pendant into a full carat, or add diamond enhancers to her existing studs.

2.) A Splurge Item She Won't Buy For Herself

Marco Necklaces

Who doesn't have a list of items you dream of having, but you just won't buy them for yourself?

What jewelry does your significant other always notice on her friends, but doesn't have? That strand of pearls? A designer accent piece? A beautiful birthstone ring?

Pro tip: Buying a splurge item can be especially easy if your special someone has filled out a wishlist in our store or our website!

3.) Red, Pink and Purple Accents

ELLE GLD C604 Lg 00

Dress her for the holiday! Present a fashion piece of jewelry early in the day or before your dinner date and let her show off her Valentine's gift all day long!

4.) Symbols of Your Love

Valentines Symbols

Hearts are a natural choice for Valentine's Day gift giving. It's the first symbol we all think of for love, and a symbol she can wear throughout the year to show the world your love.

Not a fan of hearts? Consider less traditional symbols like an infinity symbol, intertwining details, or an eternity band.

5.) Flowers


Always a classic, flowers are the gift of choice for lots of celebrations. Studies show that 92% of women can recall the last time they received flowers. Wouldn't it be nice to refresh her memory?

Valentines Web Header 2

At Spicer Greene, we specialize in making the important days in your life special. We want to help you make this a Valentine's Day she'll never forget!

Shop with us from February 1st through the 14th and receive a free dozen roses with any purchase over $99. That's right - for less than $100 you will have jewelry AND flowers for your special someone.

Need more gift ideas? We've got 'em!