How to Tell if Your Jewelry Needs Repair

It's a great time of year to check your jewelry box and make sure your jewelry is in its finest condition for the year to come. Read below for tips to tell if your jewelry is in need of repair.

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1. Your rings catch or snag on your sweaters.

We often have people come in complaining that their ring has started snagging their sweaters and they want it fixed so that their sweaters don't get ruined - but this is also a sign that your diamonds or gemstones are in danger.

As a ring is worn, the prongs take a lot of impact and can sometimes begin to lift off of the stones, creating a small hook that grabs at fabrics. If a prong gets snagged in just the right way, you could easily lose your precious stones.


2. Your rings are no longer round

Just like your prongs, your ring's band also takes a lot of impact. From picking up heavy objects to hitting against surfaces, the band can begin to warp.

Although this may not seem like a big deal, any smaller diamonds along the band are compromised as they were set to accomodate a round ring. Expect to lose stones or have stones break from the additional pressure created by the warped band.

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3. Your rings are tight

If your rings require you to have "tricks" to taking them off (like running your hands under cold water, using soap, or wrapping dental floss around your finger) then it's time to size them up.

We even have special alterations we can make if your knuckles are swollen due to arthritis, and special tools to safely remove rings that haven't budged in years.

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4. There are big gaps in your beaded or pearl necklace

Beaded and pearl necklaces also need attention from time to time! As the necklace is worn, the occasional pulling that occurs slowly loosens the knotted silk string, and your beads begin to separate.

Too much pulling and the string can snap and you could lose pearls or beads.

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5. It's been several years since you last had your jewelry professionally evaluated

Our professionals can save you from hundreds or even thousands of dollars of loss. Our team can advise you on routine maintenance, or whether your jewelry needs a new appraisal for insurance.

There can be issues that can only be seen under magnification, so having a jeweler inspect your pieces can save a loose stone or questionable clasp.

Jewelry appraisals expire with insurance companies, so having updated appraisals is crucial to maintaining coverage.

If you still aren't sure or have concerns, just bring your jewelry in! We will even clean your jewelry while we're at it. With jewelry it's better safe than sorry because a single lost diamond can cost you thousands.


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