Love is Not Cancelled Graffiti Art

Love Is Not Cancelled

Last night, Ian Wilkerson and his painting partner Ishmael got to work helping us spread our message that Love is Not Cancelled.

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Spicer Greene Jewelers commissioned Ian Wilkerson and Ishmael to do a "Love is Not Cancelled" mural on the side of our building, and it was completed in the middle of the night on Thursday, April 30.
Our store has been celebrating love with Western North Carolina for almost a century, through four generations. We've celebrated love with engagements, weddings, new babies, job promotions - any life event worth celebrating!
We've seen some major world events - the Great Depression, two World Wars, 9/11, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. But, we've seen love prosper and flourish no matter the circumstances.
Our desire is to spread a message of hope and of love, reminding our city that there are certain things that cannot be cancelled.
Also note: Ian & Ishmael got permission from the city to work for the night, and were deemed essential workers. They stayed 6ft apart and wore masks to comply with current guidelines.