John Hardy: Spicer Greene Jewelers newest designer!

Inspired by Bali and its time-honored jewelry-making traditions, John Hardy’s artisan collective was founded in 1975 with a dedication to handcrafted jewelry. As a brand, John Hardy is committed to sustainable luxury business practices, their craftspeople and the preservation of Bali. They pride ourselves on the value of authenticity; it is the soul of community that makes each piece truly one of a kind.

One of the largest employers on the island of Bali, the John Hardy Ubud Workshop & Showroom employs over 700 multi-generational craftspeople, from watercolor artists to metalsmiths. Dedication to heritage artistry not only defines the John Hardy legacy, it retains artisan families that craft jewelry through meditative, communal chain-weaving, hand-hammering and carving.

Join us for our Launch Party:

Friday, November 15 | 1:00-6:00
Saturday, November 16 | 10:00-5:00

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