Eva-Michelle Spicer's Gift Picks for 2020

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Eva-Michelle Spicer always keeps an eye out for the biggest trends in fashion and jewelry so we can bring you the very best selection for your holiday gift-giving.

Here are her top gift picks to make your 2020 shopping a little easier!

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1. Hoop Earrings

Eva-Michelle's first pick is hoop earrings, and although they are a classic choice, hoops are living their best life in 2020 with a huge surge in popularity that isn't likely to dwindle in the coming years. Big, small, textured, or diamond studded - you won't go wrong this holiday season.

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2. Pearls

Always classy and appropriate for any occasion, pearls are a great addition to any woman's jewelry wardrobe. Consider gifting a classic strand or something more modern like these drop pearl earrings.

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3. Rose Gold

This soft, feminine gold tone is everywhere. From engagement rings to fashion to classic staples, rose gold is truly hitting its stride this year. Wear rose gold alone or pair it with your existing jewelry for a fashion-forward two-or-three-tone look.

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4. Rainbow Jewelry

For a bit of fun (and who doesn't need fun this year?) we ❤ this jewelry trend. Gift the subtle small stacking band or go big with these hoop earrings.