Is Custom Design Right For You?

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Why Do Custom Design?

Custom designed jewelry holds a special meaning because of the uniqueness of the piece. Here are just a few reasons you might choose custom design:

1.) You have a family heirloom that needs to be reimagined.

Often, people inherit jewelry that is out of style, worn, or broken. Custom design is a great option to breathe new life back into an old piece of jewelry so that you can enjoy it for years to come.


2.) You like elements from several different pieces.

Not finding exactly what you're looking for? Our designers can take inspiration from lots of sources - from our showcases to your Pinterest boards - and combine various features into your dream piece!

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3.) You want something incredibly unique

Whether it's an artistic vibe or a vintage style reimagined, we can make your unique dreams come true! Custom design is also perfect for uniquely cut gemstones, so that the mounting matches the scale of the gemstone perfectly!

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